Heading Back East by Jeff Pasek

I have been quite busy teaching this last year and have enjoyed it immensely, but I will soon be leaving Olympia to return to Ohio. I will miss the Pacific Northwest but am excited to rejoin the thriving arts community in the Cleveland area. 

New Work Up in Olympia by Jeff Pasek

I am now showing my complete new series "The Alien Eye" at Dillinger's Cocktails and Kitchen, downtown Olympia Washington. It is a great restaurant with a wonderful ambiance and expertly crafted cocktails. Please stop by for dinner, drinks, (or both), and to see the show.


Sleeping Skies by Jeff Pasek

Here are a couple of new ones that I don't plan to spin out into an entire series, at least not at the moment. I like them well enough to share here though. I'm calling them "Sleeping Skies."


Video of Abstract in Progress by Jeff Pasek

I had been holding off on posting this video until after I showed it during my presentation to the Olympia Arts League two weeks ago. I really enjoyed speaking to them about my journey and they seemed to get a kick out of my process. 

Back to Abstract by Jeff Pasek

I've spent the last three days working on the piece you see below - my first painting on canvas in several weeks. The break recharged me and I'm pretty happy with this one. It's purely non-representational, but if you see something in there I don't mind. 


Polymer Clay Day by Jeff Pasek

I took a break from acrylic painting after finishing all my pieces for my UnLands show. But I still like to keep busy and do something creative just about every day. Last weekend I made 7 little heads out of polymer clay. They live on the windowsill in my bathroom. It was a purposeless but enjoyable diversion.


New Website Design! by Jeff Pasek

I'm pleased to announce the launch of the newly renovated jeffpasek.com. You're there/here now! If you weren't familiar with my old site, this one is a great improvement. It has a new cleaner look, easier navigation and a lot of new content. I will be posting new work frequently under Projects, and will keep you up to date with current news, musings, pics and videos here on my Blog. Check for opportunities to see my work in person under Upcoming Exhibitions. And if you like, you can find out more about me under About. Please feel free to contact me (through the form under About) if you have any questions or would like to say hello. Welcome and thank you for visiting. 

- Jeff

Pictures from the Department of Ecology by Jeff Pasek

Here are some shots from my exhibit at the Department of Ecology. The 11 paintings were on display in the main lobby from December 2016 – January 2017. Many thanks to Jeffree Stewart for the opportunity and assistance in setting it up.


Painting Video by Jeff Pasek

I recently purchased a really great tripod (thanks Craigslist!) and am experimenting with time-lapse video of my painting process. Check it out and see how the magic happens!

See my art in Olympia by Jeff Pasek

I currently have a number of original pieces displayed downtown Olympia at Olyphant Art & Media, 119 5th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501. They will be up through the month of June.

Landscapes by Jeff Pasek

I am developing a new body of work, as yet untitled. These abstracted landscapes depict uncanny presence, whether the viewer or the other, in enigmatic spaces. 

Gallery Talk by Jeff Pasek

Here I talk about my work at the gallery at SPSCC's Minnaert Center, during the reception for the 2015 Southwest Washington Juried Exhibition.


A Big Week by Jeff Pasek

I am pleased to say I passed my thesis defense on Wednesday. My thesis show last night went really well and drew a decent crowd. Thanks so much to all who attended. I will be posting images of the thesis work within the next couple of weeks.

Summer Break by Jeff Pasek

I had a great time last evening attending the opening of the 2013 1st Annual ASM and Kent State University Art Show. It was an honor to see one of my pieces hanging in such an amazing building.

In other news, I am excited to start KSU's 2 week Blossom Painting art workshop with visiting artists James Siena and Lisa Sanditz. What a great oportunity!

A step in the right direction by Jeff Pasek

I am pleased to say I passed my candidacy review. I can now begin developing and working on thesis work. I still have a bit to go this semester, then spring, maybe a few classes this summer and hopefully wrap things up by the end of next fall. A ways to go yet but things are moving along!

Where I'm At by Jeff Pasek

Currently I am a graduate student at Kent State University, working towards an MFA in painting. I entered the program in January and have one semester, plus a couple of summer classes, under my belt. I don't have any of my latest work on this site yet (except for the image below), but plan to post it all once I have my candidacy review this fall. I'm quite excited about my latest direction, and I look forward to sharing it in due time.

As just a small sample of what I am up to, the piece pictured below is currently on view at First Street Gallery in New York City as part of their 2012 MFA National Competition.